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St. George’s Society was founded in 1960 with two main goals in mind:

  • to assist in the development of the spiritual life of the men of the parish

  • to participate more intimately in the life of the Church

For over fifty years, the Society has developed into a viable, active, and well-respected organization in the community of Thunder Bay. Members are called upon to assist unselfishly in volunteer work, such as ushering during the Divine Liturgy, helping to set up tables in the church hall for various society and parish functions, and serving at Bingos. There is also the social aspect of the Society in the form of events such as the annual Fish Derby, Golf Tournament, and Corn Roast, or just enjoying each others company through conversation after a monthly meeting. The many activities help to keep the feeling of community alive and well in the Society and parish.


This organization caters to the needs of the seniors of our parish and of neighboring parishes. This organization provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in a variety of social programs. The programs include weekly activity meetings and various group excursions. This organization provides an excellent opportunity for Christian fellowship and variety of group activities.


In the early 1970s, an ambitious group of young people wanted to get together regularly for fun outings and they wished to help out with various activities within the church, so with the support and encouragement of the Ladies of St. Anne's Society and the men of St. George's Society, Holy Cross Youth Group was formed.

In recent years, our youth group has been very involved with the serving at parish teas, serving at Praznyk and Sviachenne, hosting two to three pancake breakfasts each year, organizing and hosting spaghetti suppers, pyrohy dinners, and entertainment evenings.
Some of the fun activities over the last number of years have included: Christmas carolling, playing boot hockey, tobogganing, tubing and camping. Members have also participated in trips to Minneapolis, Toronto, and Ancaster to participate in Break for Jesus (B4J).

Since the fall of 2000, Holy Cross has also developed a youth choir. Although we call ourselves a "youth" choir, we welcome people of all ages who wish to join us. Our choir has led numerous youth liturgies, sang many Christmas & Easter services, as well as sang at funerals, anniversaries, and a special visit from Bishop Stephan.

Participation in both the Holy Cross Youth Group and Holy Cross Youth Choir are great ways to meet people, to develop relationships, to create a sense of community, and to shape spiritual well-being. 



The Parish Council provides leadership to support the common good of the parish in spiritual and material matters. The Council is made up of six (6) elected parishioners, an appointed representative from each Parish Society, and Maintenance Supervisor.  Membership to the Council is open to any Parishioner, 18 years of age and over.  Any interested Parishioners are welcome to attend meetings throughout the year.

The members of Parish Council are your representatives, and you are encouraged to bring all matters of concern to their attention.  If you are unable to speak to one of them at a service, an email to the church office or Council President will allow your concerns to be addressed.

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