COVID-19 Updates

Updated: July 2020



   • Church will be open for 10:00 am Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning, there will be no Saturday liturgies at this time

   • Please arrive early for your temperature to be taken through a non-contact thermometer

   • Enter through the front entrance only

   • As of July 24, 2020 - Per the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, wearing a mask is required to attend Divine Liturgy.
      Masks are required in all indoor public spaces within the City of Thunder Bay and District.

   • Use of the lift will be accessible for only one at a time (two at a time if in the same family)

   • Please print, complete and return the following questionnaire (one per household):  ChurchScreeningForm.pdf

   • Bulletins will not be handed out, and are available to be downloaded on our website: Bulletins & News

   • Please use hand sanitizer in Narthex prior to entering the Church




   • Please adhere to the 'traffic' arrows and sit in designated pews to maintain social distancing

   • Distribution of Holy Eucharist will take place at the end of the Divine Liturgy  

   • Epistle Readers and Eucharistic Ministers are not needed at this time

   • Kneeling and singing are not permitted at this time, except for the cantor

   • Prayer books have been removed, a projector is setup for responses

   • There will be no collections during the service, a collection basket has been placed in the Narthex

   • Candles are to be lit only by an usher or designate to alleviate multiple surface contact  

   If you do not wish to attend, you are reminded that you have been granted a dispensation during Covid-19

   If you are feeling unwell, stay home!