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UPDATE OCTOBER 1, 2021: To prevent the spread of Covid-19, hall rentals for events and funerals continue to be suspended until further notice.


The B.G. Shumay Auditorium and kitchen facilities are available for rent by parishioners, non-parishioners, and other user groups.


Review the Hall Rental Policy and appropriate Application Forms before contacting the Parish Office for booking.  Proof of insurance is required for any hall rental, which can be purchased from Pearson Dunn (below) or any private insurance company  (approximately $100-$200). 


A Parishioner is defined as:

A member of the church who is registered in the Parish Office, in an envelope holder, contributes to the support of the Parish and its activities, and participates in the Divine Liturgies;   or,

A member of the Church who is registered in the Parish Office and was an envelope holder, but due to health reasons or special circumstances (as deemed by Parish Council), is unable to contribute to the support of the Parish and/or attend Divine Liturgies.


We are pleased to provide the families of the departed with a funeral luncheon if so desired following the funeral services at Holy Cross.

The luncheon will be held in our B.G. Shumay Auditorium, where friends and family can gather for a reception following the funeral services.  Our funeral committee will look after all the arrangements for the luncheon on behalf of the family.  These include:

  • Hall set-up

  • Grocery shopping

  • Preparation

  • Serving of lunch

  • Clean-up

The lunch we provide consists of: sandwiches, baking, beverages (coffee, tea and juice).  The family may bring in made-up fruit and/or vegetable trays to be included in the lunch.  Any donations of baking by family and friends are gratefully accepted, and can also be included in the lunch.  Alcohol is not permitted.

The family must contact the lunch convenor as soon as possible regarding the number of people expected to be served, the seating arrangement and the expected costs.  Contact the Parish Priest who will put you in contact with the lunch convenor.

Following the funeral luncheon the family will be billed through our Parish Office.  The cost will include the following:

  • Cost of food, non-alcoholic beverages and consumables

  • Hall rental fees (non-parishioners)

  • Custodian fees (if applicable)

If the family wishes to make an additional contribution in the name of the departed, donations can be made to our Parish Memorial Fund.


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